The Silent Daughter by Emma Christie #BookReview

Published by Welbeck Publishing Group

Out in paperback on 3rd September 2020


I was so pleased to receive this gifted book to review from Annabelle at ed public relations. One of the first things I noticed was the very high quality print, which was a pleasure to read, and that eye on the cover completely draws you in!

The blurb …

Deceit runs in the family …

Chris Morrison is facing his worst nightmare.

His wife is in a coma.

His daughter is missing.

And the only thing more unsettling that these two events … is what might connect them.

Some secrets can change a family forever.

My review …

This is such a clever, intriguing and emotional story.

The story is based in Scotland in the seaside town of Portobello, which might sound quaint, but in December it sets a very damp scene. We meet main character, Chris, as he learns that his wife, Maria, has had a terrible accident and has been left in a coma, but as he says …

‘Did she fall or was she pushed?’

As he and his son, Mikey, keep a bedside vigil, Chris finds that his daughter, Ruth, is not answering her mobile or responding to emails, which is understandable as she is away travelling in Central America. But as time goes on and Ruth still hasn’t been in touch, Chris uses his background as a journalist to delve deeper into her social media posts and discover that, worryingly, all is not as it appears in Ruth’s online life.

As Ruth’s absence turns into a missing persons investigation we follow Chris in his desperate search for her, with the backdrop of his wife lying critically ill in hospital, and with his son Mikey becoming increasingly evasive. Chris’ pain and fear is palpable as he is tormented by what if’s and thoughts that he has not protected his family as he should have. There are so many twists, turns, lies and revelations in this fast paced story that it’s hard to write about without giving away spoilers.

Christie’s writing is superb. The story is full of suspense and makes you feel horribly uncomfortable at times, but also full of beautiful descriptive and emotive writing. This is a modern and original story dealing with highly emotional themes tangled with fear, regret and grief, which the author has written with the utmost empathy and sensitivity. It had me gripped from the start with an ending so staggering that it made me doubt what I’d read. A fantastic debut novel!

About the author …

Emma Christie was born and raised in Ayrshire, Scotland. After studying literature and medieval history at Aberdeen University she spent five years as a news journalist with one of the UK’s top-selling regional daily newspapers, The Press and Journal, covering crime, court proceedings and politics. She was also briefly the ‘Trump reporter’. Emma now lives in Barcelona and works as a tour guide and lecturer in history, culture and politics, leading educational journeys across Spain, France, Portugal and Greece. She loves hiking and coffee and volunteered as a translator on a coffee farm in Nicaragua. She also loves playing guitar.

The Silent Daughter is Emma’s debut novel.

For more information please contact Annabelle Wright at ed public relations on



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