Dead to Her by Sarah Pinborough

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to my blog today for my stop on the blog tour for Dead to Her by Sarah Pinborough. I would like to say thank you as usual to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for my invite and also to Harper Collins Publishers for my copy of the book ❤️

Synopsis …

There’s nothing like a woman scorned

Something old…

When Marcie met Jason Maddox, she couldn’t believe her luck. Becoming Jason’s second wife catapulted her into the elite world of high society. But underneath the polite, old money manners, she knows she’ll always be an outsider, and her hard-won life hangs by a thread.

Something new…

Then Jason’s widowed boss brings back a new wife from his trip to London. Young, beautiful, reckless – nobody can take their eyes off Keisha. Including Jason.

Something you can never, ever undo…

Marcie refuses to be replaced so easily. People would kill for her life of luxury. What will Marcie do to keep it?

My review …

This is the first book I’ve read by Sarah Pinborough and it was so much more than I was expecting. Pinborough is a highly skilled writer and this is not your run of the mill glamorous wives thriller!

The story opens with rich sixty-five year old widower William Radford as he presents his new wife to his high society friends in America’s deep south Savannah. He met Keisha at a strip club in London while travelling Europe, she is twenty-two years old, black and completely beautiful and she doesn’t fit in.

Watching the newly married couple arrive are Jason and his second wife Marcie. Marcie used to be the youngest and most beautiful of their circle of friends. She has clawed her way up the ladder from nothing, securing herself a handsome, rich and successful husband and she immediately feels threatened by the way Jason is looking at this gorgeous young woman while the phrase ‘once a cheater always a cheater’ comes to her mind.

Keisha, haunted by her past, has escaped her abusive African voodoo witch aunt and uncle in London, to live a life of luxury with this gentle older man and she thinks she (literally) has to ride it out until he dies and she inherits his fortunes! Unfortunately when she arrives in America she sees a cold and mean side to William and she appears to have gone from one abusive relationship right into another (cue some very uncomfortable sex scenes). And has the voodoo black magic followed her to the Deep South?

Marcie needs to befriend Keisha to keep an eye on her and this is where the story really starts to get interesting.

The book is set in a world of mansions, yachts and country clubs – sex, money and power. The fear of fading beauty and the desperation to cling onto rich husbands at the risk of losing it all and ending up back on the scrap heap.

Halfway through the book I still wasn’t quite sure where the story was going, but in a good way, it started off with an air of suspense, took quite an erotic and spooky detour and then ended up as a cleverly spun whodunnit.

The characters were fascinating and even though they may not have been likeable as such, I could understand what had made them the way they were, particularly Keisha.

The storyline is dark, captivating and mysterious and I thought the plot was brilliantly unusual. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

This book is OUT NOW!

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About the author …

Sarah Pinborough

Hailing from Milton Keynes, Sarah has written more than 20 novels across a variety of genres. Her international number 1 bestseller, BEHIND HER EYES, brought widespread success. The book was a word of mouth sensation, receiving quotes and endorsements from authors such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Harlan Coben. It was one of the most talked about publications of recent years, with the hashtag #WTFthatending reaching over 600 million people on social media. The book was both a hardback and a paperback number 1 bestseller in the UK.

Left Bank Pictures and Netflix have just completed filming the TV mini-series of BEHIND HER EYES, starring The Night Manager’s Simona Brown, Murder on the Orient Express’ Tom Bateman, The Knick’s Eve Hewson and Game of Thrones’ Robert Aramayo. TV rights to DEAD TO HER have been sold to Tracy Y Oliver and First Look Media/Topic Studios.

Sarah also writes for film and TV and her YA novel 13 MINUTES is currently being developed by the team behind The O.C. for Netflix.

You can follow her on Twitter @sarahpinborough and instagram @sarahpinboroughbooks

You can also follow Random Things Tours on Twitter @RandomTTours

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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