Time School We Will Honour Them by Nikki Young

I am very pleased to say that today is my stop on the Team LitPR blog tour for this wonderful middle grade fiction book Time School – We Will Honour Them written by Nikki Young and published by Hashtag Press.

The blurb …

Nadia Kaminski knows very little about her Polish grandfather and her Polish roots, so how is she going to write a speech about him to read at his funeral?

Along with fellow time-travellers, Jess, Tomma and Ash, they find themselves on a train journey to the past. Who is Marcel? And why does he have the same name as Nadia? Is this a chance for Nadia to find out who she really is?

It’s time to board the train for another adventure back in time.

My review …

This is the second book in the Time School series and although there are references to the previous book I found this to be a great standalone story aimed at middle grade children of around 9-12 years old (school years 5-8).

The main character in this book is Nadia, her grandfather has sadly passed away and her Nana has asked her to do a eulogy at his funeral. Nadia is very nervous of public speaking and also realises that she doesn’t really know much about her Polish grandfather so she turns to her friends Jess, Tomma and Ash for advice. One morning the friends board the train to school and soon realise this is not their usual train and that they are about to embark upon another exciting but nerve wracking adventure into the past.

We follow Nadia and her friends as they try to figure out where they are, what year it is and why they are there? It is an emotional journey for Nadia that progresses to a thrilling race against time to put the past right before her life is changed forever.

I really enjoyed reading this book with my ten-year-old daughter. I like the way the book is not over simplified for children. It is intelligently written, full of interesting vocabulary and a great history lesson.

The story gives a great insight into the hardships of life in the past with some powerful and harsh realities, but told in an age appropriate manner.

With themes of war, racism, grief, friendships, crushes and overcoming your fears, there is more than enough to keep any middle grade reader hooked!

Thank you so much to Helen at Team LitPR for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour and also to the author and publisher for my gifted copy of the book which is OUT NOW!

About the author …

Nikki Young is a freelance writer, copywriter and author. She is the author of ‘The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants’ an adventure story aimed at seven to nine year-olds and reluctant readers. Nikki also writes health-related articles, reviews and recipes on her blog, ‘A free-from life’. Her background is in nutrition, so maintaining a healthy, happy family is extremely important to her. Having a son and a husband, both with different dietary needs has been a challenge and one which has tested her knowledge. As well as writing middle grade and young adult fiction, Nikki runs Storymakers, a creative writing club for children, which provides weekly courses and holiday workshops for children aged seven and above.

Find out more at http://www.nikkiyoung.co.uk

Follow her on: Twitter @nikki_cyoung

Instagram: @nikkiyoungwriter


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