The Women at Hitler’s Table

The blurb…

East Prussia, 1943. Hitler hides away in the Wolfsschanze – his hidden headquarters. The tide is turning in the war and his enemies circle ever closer. Ten women are chosen. Ten women to taste his food and protect him from poison.

Twenty-six-year-old Rosa has lost everything to this war. Alone and scared, she faces the SS with nothing but the knowledge every bite might be her last.

Caught on the wrong side of history, how far is Rosa willing to go to survive.

Published by Harper Collins Publishers

My review…


I thoroughly enjoyed this powerful story set in East Prussia 1943.  Inspired by a true story it tells the incredible tale of Rosa, who is selected as one of ten women to taste Hitler’s food to protect him from poisoning towards the end of the war.

This is a compelling story of love, lust, friendship and the hardship of life in wartime Nazi Germany told in intelligent and cool writing style, reflecting the atmosphere of the time.  Rosa is an intriguing character, she is caring, loyal and introspective and the author gives vivid descriptions of Rosa’s thought processes and reflections.  

The book gives a fascinating insight into Hitler’s personality and idiosyncrasies.  It was also interesting for me to read a book set in World War II from a German perspective (as opposed to British or Polish) with the women’s opinions of Hitler and how little they knew of Hitler’s atrocities during that time.

Most of all I loved reading how the relationships between the women developed into friendships that would have a lasting effect on Rosa. 

I would have liked more emotion in this story but it’s definitely a thought provoking read that I would highly recommend to fans of historical fiction.

It was fascinating to read the author’s notes and acknowledgments to see that she got her inspiration for this story in 2014 from an article about Margot Wolk, Hitler’s last surviving food taster. Unfortunately by the time Postorino had tracked Margot down she had sadly passed away and so she never got to talk to her. You can just imagine the stories she had to tell!

About the author…

Rosella Postorino is an internationally bestselling author and an editor. She speaks fluent English, Italian, French and German. The Women at Hitler’s table is her first novel to be translated into English.

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